doug campbell

Festival Executive Events Producer

Doug Campbell has worked in the television, film and live-audience event promotion business for over 30 years. Doug was the CEO and Founder of Celebrity Promotions International (CPI), and produced commercials for Sony with Steven Tyler and ESPN with Sugar Ray Leonard. Fifteen years later Doug still works with Leonard managing an extensive outdoor digital display inventory for Velocity Outdoor Media. Velocity's network is owned in part by Leonard whom Doug introduced to the company, now growing across the U.S. from Atlantic City to Chicago, Arizona... and soon Los Angeles. Doug also signed a multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal for the show "The Contender”, hosted by Leonard and produced by Mark Burnett Productions and DreamWorks Television. Doug also helped run the Live Contender 1 Finale on NBC at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Doug hasn’t wavered in his dedication to the sporting arena and has become an icon in boxing promotion around the world after promoting mega boxing events with HBO, Showtime, ESPN, ESPN2 and Fox Sports Net.