You’re invited to…

An invitation to this year’s Hollywood Jury Class of Exceptional Artists is an opportunity extended only to the select group of Independent Filmmakers, Cultural Content Creators & Immersive Storytellers recognized for their outstanding achievement during the Hollywood Film Festival’s 2018 Jury Prize season. 

This program represents Hollywood’s ongoing commitment to your for the full year following your participation in our Festival with the collective Jury Class goal to help you help each other…

… find friends

Generating Audience & Industry Awareness so more people see your film then invest in your career

▶ Public Recognition

o  Press Releases

o  Screening Events

o  Platform Acknowledgments (IMDB, Cinando, etc.)

▶ Industry Introductions 

o  Accredited Resources 

o  Certified Distributors

o  Validated Investors

… make money

Fueling Audience & Market Monetization so more people pay for your film then invest in your future

▶ Film Promotion

o  HFF Website & Content 

o  Social Media Platform 

o  Festival & Industry Recommendations

▶ Film Distribution

o  Distributor Introductions

o  Market Education 

o  Campaign Strategy 

… inspire impact

Driving Audience & Community Activation so more people promote your film then invest in your vision

▶ Audience Activation

o  Audience Awareness Resource

o  Festival & Market Strategy

o  Social Impact Campaign Planning

▶ Professional Education

o  Seminar & Panel Invitations

o  Best Practice Resource Sharing 

o  Ambassador Network