This is our story.

We know that great stories can change the world.
We know our world is in need of great change.
We know the most powerful medium for sharing great stories is film.
We know that independent filmmakers are powerful agents for change.

Based on what we know, we built filmmakers a global stage for their films to be seen and heard on. Here in Hollywood and around the world, we provide a spotlight for today’s most inspiring films and tomorrow’s most exceptional emerging artists. 

Here’s how it works. We collaborate with our national film partners across the globe. Each nation recommends their country’s best films. (After all, they know their films and their audiences much better than we do.) From these films, we select the best ones to be honored as Hollywood Silver Screen Prize Winners - one feature and one short from each country. The top 10 features and top 10 shorts, based on our jury selection, are invited to screen their film in Hollywood. And that is only the beginning… Over the course of the following year, these films and their directors will be celebrated and promoted in Hollywood Film Festival exhibitions and programming.

Join us as we build a bridge to Hollywood.